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The Tipsy Gypsy Trio is a jazz group focusing on the pioneering music of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli, a form of jazz now known as “Gypsy Jazz.” Featuring traditional jazz standards as well as unforgettable original compositions by Reinhardt and Grappelli, the music evokes the verve and romance of pre–war Europe, particularly the jazz cafés of Paris.

Since their 2006 debut at a friend’s wedding, The Tipsy Gypsy Trio has continued to dazzle audiences around the San Francisco Bay Area with their “Hot Jazz.” In March of 2008, The Tipsy Gypsy Trio made history by becoming the first trio to have four members after adding stand-up bass to their lineup.

The Tipsy Gypsy Trio is honored to have performed for events hosted by:

Here is what people are saying about The Tipsy Gypsy Trio:

...thank you for contributing your grace, artistry, and impeccable style to our wedding day. Our guests were wowed and very much enjoyed their first taste of the Tipsy Gypsy Trio...there was no better way to start our wedding, and get the tone than with your music.
-Lauren & Austin Long
...the Trio played a set that perfectly expressed the joy of the day, was entertaining to our guests, and was wonderfully unique...
-Emily Taormino
The Tipsy Gypsy Trio really made my party special...the music was just right, lively but not intrusive. I would definitely use them again.
-Joanne Devore